TRATE AG specializes in the development, production and distribution of a dental implant system ROOTT. At the core of the enterprise is the practical experience of dentist, deep knowledge in the production and understanding of what is necessary for the successful functioning of dental clinics.

ROOTT dental implant system


ROOTT dental implant system is developed on the basis of the most innovative technology and over 50 years of practical experience provides effective and predictable implant treatment of any clinical situations. The ROOTT system, using the ROOTTCONCEPT, has dispensed with the overcomplicated treatment procedures recommended by implant

manufacturers who are limited by their products on the market. The ROOTT principle of the approach is to create the ideal artificial tooth on a support which integrates organically with existing biological structures in the simplest way.

Rootform Dental Implant
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Rootform implants

Two-component root-form screw implants with active thread for single and multiple restorations with delayed loading in in all types of bone tissue.

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Compressive implants

Single-component implants with a compression thread. Used for multiple restorations with immediate loading with soft and hard bone in cases of bone tissue deficiency.


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Basal implants

Single-component implants for multiple restorations and direct alveolar placement with severe bone tissue deficit, sockets of extracted teeth, transgingivally.

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