TRATE AG specializes in the development, production and distribution of a dental implant system ROOTT. At the core of the enterprise is the practical experience of dentist, deep knowledge in the production and understanding of what is necessary for the successful functioning of dental clinics. 

The system consists of implants ROOTFORM, COMPRESSIVE, BASAL and superstructures and instruments to them.

The system is selected in such way that allows us to solve clinical problems most efficient way, while having alternatives.





Rootform implants of system ROOTT

Two-component root-form screw implant with active thread. Suitable for single and multiple restorations with delayed loading in the upper and lower jaws in all types of bone tissue.

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Compressive implants of system ROOTT

The COMPRESSIVE compression implant is a single-component implantwith a compression thread. It is used for multiple restorationswith immediate loading in the upper and lower jaws with softand hard bone in cases of bone tissue deficiency of bone tissue.

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Basal implants of system ROOTT

BASAL implants are used to create multiple restorations in the upper and lower jaws and for placement directly into alveolar processes. The structural characteristics allow placement in zones with severe deficit of bone tissue width and height, in the sockets of extracted teeth, and transgingivally.

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